Ashley Head: CEO of NITA Talent Agency

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Ashley Heads Biography:

“Blood is thicker than water”. This has become a pretty popular proverb in the thirty-one years of my life. Ironically, in my life, it has been the contrary. Both positive and negative influences have been of great importance to me, especially my loving friends and family that support me as I have proven myself to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur living in New York City, New York.
I am Mr. Ashley Tyrone Head. My biological mother died when I was merely two weeks old, therefore, leaving behind a responsible husband to raise her three sons on his own. My father, an educated, Atheist man, did not take my mother’s death so well. Hard times came and stayed with us throughout my childhood. My oldest brother, who is twelve years older than me, should have gone to college, but instead decided to go to the army. He left my other brother, who is two years older than me, and I behind, so he could provide some financial assistance to the family. That assistance never came. My unemployed father resented this decision and therefore disowned his first-born son. The expectations placed upon my father were achievable at first, but by the time I was seven he turned to drugs, prostitutes and the “street life”. These hindrances soon occupied our home (along with the drug dealers, addicts and cockroaches). This living-hell-of-a-life lasted ten years. After numerous pleas for help from Montgomery County Children Services of Dayton, Ohio and an actual attempt on my closest brother’s life, we were removed form our “home”.
At the age of fourteen when I was only a freshman at Dunbar High School I was placed in a foster home. I had real parents, (Alva and Darrell I. Favors Sr.), Mamma Wright and Mamma Sanders, teachers (Mrs. White, Mrs. Inborn, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Richardson to name a few) Rev. John H. Maze and coaches (Anna Earley and Sidney Booker) who honestly cared about me. I knew things would be fine; primarily because I had food, clothing and moral support from high school that I lacked before. On July 21, 1997, which was my closet brother’s 18th birthday and the day before my junior year, the one and only mother I knew died of a heart attack in front of me. I was deeply disappointed because I was scheduled to go to summer camp the next week, but this did not last long; hence, a number of staff came together, gave me money and bought my camp supplies and saw to it that I went. At that point in my life I realized that school was somehow like my second family.
Although things were different with my foster father at home, I still kept my focus and did not let Alva’s death be a deterrent to my future goals. However, before I could finish my senior year, about nineteen months later, already making Morehouse my first choice of college, my “father”, her husband, died suddenly on March 28, 1999. He died of natural causes in our home. He was 48 years old. I found him that sunny Sunday morning. I promised him that I would attend Morehouse College and make him proud. I graduated six weeks later from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School for Professional Studies in the top 5% of my class.

In addition to the loss of my biological mother and both foster parents I was faced with the most detrimental loss of all, my biological father, Erskine Tyrone Head Sr. My “Dadda” passed away on July 28, 2000, which was during the summer after my freshman year of college. He had given me his only car, a Chevrolet Camero, six weeks prior. In his possession was a card addressed to me that said…“Love me, I’ll love you back. Dad (smile)”.
The importance of keeping goals, a faith in God and family has truly been instilled in me by my brothers, foster family and teachers and staff of my high school. My bestfriend’s mother, Mamma Sanders, took me in as her “chosen son” and has treated me as her own and has even called me almost every Sunday since I was 17. I am presently a graduate of Morehouse College and was on the Dean’s list throughout most of my tenure there. One thing I loved the most is when I went to class was my ability to take pride in “The Odds” and what they have done for me as an African American Man. At first I felt slightly intimidated, considering the fact that some of my peers came from some of the richest families and best-known high schools in the nation. However, in the three decades of my life I proved to the world and myself that the problems that I experienced had me just as much, if not more prepared than most people for the mental, social, spiritual and academic challenges at hand. I took five classes during my first semester and made the highest grade in three of them. Nobody could tell me that my unfortunate past did not get me ready. That is what life has taught me.
With no financial support from my immediate family or Children Services I was an independent student. However, financial aid, loans, the UNCF scholarship foundation and many private organizations have helped to see me through my college financial struggles. I also modeled and worked several jobs at a time to pay for books, buy clothes and pay for other living expenses.
Currently, I am a Clinical Scientist for one of the most prestigious clinical research companies in the world. I am the CEO of two companies and I am in school while also serving as a brand representative for a natural hair company. Although my life requires a lot, I feel that there is so much more to be achieved. I was raised by an Atheist, A Baptist, an AKA, and Alpha, a few Kappas, so my life’s decisions are very calculated and without ego. Although I am built strong, I know where I come from and will be grounded no matter where I go.
This leaves me with a debt to society to share my story. I will pursue my goals knowing that I can do anything if I focus on my dream and work hard to achieve it. In my life I have experienced many twists and turns on the road to my destiny, but I will never give up until I have released my unused capacities for service and shared my gifts with others.


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